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Surrounded by our Nordic neighbors in the east, west and south Sweden is very much at the heart of Scandinavia. The largest of all the Nordic countries, characterized by its long coastline and extensive archipelagos, deep forests, mountains and many lakes. Sweden is situated in the far north and parts of the country is located north of the Arctic Circle. It is a spacious country with a total area of 528,447 sq km and only 10 million people to populate this surface comparable to Thailand or California.

Map of north sweden

The North of Sweden

The north of Sweden is full of unique experiences and home to a coveted, irreplicable way of life. Set against the backdrop of the midnight sun or some of the best Northern Lights coverage in the world, visitors will go on adventures they’ll remember forever. They could share a day with a Sami family, dine on frozen rivers or test their nerve husky sledding, cycling through vast national parks or ice driving. With many places to stay including the world-renowned ICEHOTEL and Tree Hotel, award-winning spa hotels like Arctic Bath and Camp Ripan and a wealth of private abodes such as Logger’s Lodge, they will be spoilt for choice.

The north in figures
  • 7 major rivers
  • 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • 11 National parks
  • Sweden's highest peak: Kebenekaise south 2097 m
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Map of middle sweden

The middle of Sweden

Sweden’s central region offers a diverse mix of experiences at any time of year. From Stockholm and its majestic archipelago to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hälsingland’s famous decorated red farmhouses. The region seamlessly blends adventure with cultural and traditional experiences, making it a great choice for families and larger groups with many interests. The mountain ranges and vast forests of Dalarna offer some of the best resorts for skiing and biking in Scandinavia, whilst the historic university city of Uppsala and Värmland’s rolling hills and numerous lakes make for perfect hiking locations.

Mid-Sweden in figures
  • 5 major rivers
  • 7 UNESCO World heritage sites
  • 8 National parks
  • Sweden's largest lake; Vänern 5 650 km²
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Map of south sweden

Southern Sweden

From Skåne, the ‘Pantry of Sweden’, to perhaps the world’s best seafood found on the West Coast, and Malmö & Gothenburg’s famed restaurant & cultural scenes, there is a palette of experiences visitors can discover in the south. Not only a paradise for food or art lovers, it’s a perfect place for idylls in nature. Cycle through Småland, ramble around Gotland, surf off Halland’s beaches or swim, kayak and fish in thousands of lakes or in West Sweden’s archipelago.

South - Sweden in figures
  • 2 major rivers
  • 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • 10 National parks
  • Sweden's longest beach; Laholm Bay Beach, 20 km
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Travel times by train
  • Amsterdam - Stockholm 20 h
  • London - Stockholm 30 h
  • Paris - Stockholm 24 h
  • Frankfurt - Stockholm 20 h

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