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Marketing Content Bank

We know your clients look to you for inspiration. We also know it can be difficult to promote something you haven’t experienced. And we know there are parts of Sweden that are off the beaten track, but we like it that way...

To make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve created this copy bank. You’re welcome to paste the text contained in these documents into your marketing materials without needing to ask for permission. They are all yours.

However, please do not take text from other pages of the site for SEO purposes.

Inspirational images and videos for marketing use

Visit Sweden has created a number of attractive inspirational videos especially for the travel industry. The material is available in English, German and French. You are welcome to use these videos for your marketing efforts, the rights are free. A 1:44 minute video and three videos of 20 seconds each are available for use in Social media. Note: If the films are to be used unaltered, the Visit Sweden and EU logo must remain integrated at the end of the film.

You can also edit the video material to better suit your expression on your channels such as; your website, in a newsletter or in social channels. In this case, you can, for example, integrate your own messages, music and logos. For your own customization, use only versions whose filename ends with CLEAN.

Please note that no names of the attractions or main characters displayed can be mentioned. The material must appear as "neutral", as if it could be anywhere in Sweden. The focus should be on the experience of Sweden itself and not on the exact location.

Curious? You can find the movies in the link list to the right.

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