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Why Sweden?

It’s time for your clients to experience something else. There are many reasons your clients should visit Sweden. They may want to be immersed in rejuvenating nature and unique culture, to discover some of the world’s best designers and handicraft producers, to munch delicious locally produced, sustainably sourced food, to meet fascinating people, to learn something new, to spa. Just a few reasons to get you started. Our ambition is to show you why Sweden is the perfect place for your clients, no matter if they’re history buffs, the most ardent of cyclists, travelling as a multi-generational family group or all of the above.

Let's begin with a short introduction.

Sweden is a vast, diverse country with so much for your client's to see, do and explore whilst here. Make sure to get a mix of city and nature based activities into your client's trip for them to experience the most and the best that Sweden has to offer

Some basic facts:

Population – approximately 10 million

People –  Sweden is a welcoming, open place where diversity is celebrated. You’ll find that Swedish is the predominant culture of our people but if you journey further north you may also meet the Sami way of life. These people are indigenous to Northern Sweden, Norway,  Finland, Russia with their own way of life, that you should get to know if you can.  Swedes enjoy punctuality and can be reserved when you first meet us but this often melts away after a snaps or two. Swedes also enjoy nature, experiencing the forest, the coast and the landscape, making the most of our allemansrätten or freedom to roam principle.  And with over 90% of the population fluent in English, you can leave your phrasebook at home but a little Swedish can go a long way if you’d like to learn a couple of useful phrases, like those below.

Hej (pronounced Hay) – Hello

Tack – Thank you

Hej Då (pronounced Hay Daw) – Goodbye

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Seasons –  Sweden has four quite defined seasons. Winter usually lasts from November – February, Spring from March – May, Summer from June – August and Autumn in September – October.  There are some slight fluctuations in the north of the country where winters can be a little longer.  The important message is to pack warm clothes during winter and a light waterproof jacket during summer.

Climate – In line with the seasons, Sweden’s temperatures vary quite dramatically between summer and winter. However, due to the gulf stream, the country generally enjoys a fairly temperate climate, especially in the south, where winters are short and quite cold, and summer temperatures are similar to those in southern England, but with a lot more hours of sunshine and daylight. The more you travel north, the more extreme the winters become while the summers can be surprisingly warm. I n the far north, you can find snow lying on the ground year-round in higher areas and the summers can be short and changeable. Much of the country has very long hours of daylight in summer and very long nights in winter.

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