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Sample Itineraries

There aren’t many countries in which one can experience the Northern Lights, shop in a design capital, stay in a moose-shaped cabin, explore a 17th Century galleon, taste the world’s best gin, go surfing off white sandy beaches or kayak off craggy coastline and have hundreds of acres to yourself in which to hike, cycle, eat, do almost anything you like. Yet, it’s all here in Sweden. There is something to suit every taste, interest, age and budget.

We have created a range of itineraries to inspire and help you to craft the perfect trip.  Be sure to keep checking this page as our team is constantly adding their favourite new ideas and suggestions. We have also added the itineraries of our FAM trips here, as an inspiration for your future tours.

FAM trips Itineraries

Here we have collected the itineraties of past FAM trips, so you can check them out and see if you can find some nice ideas for your future tours.

Southern Sweden

Round trips and excursions to the most beautiful corners of southern Sweden on various themes. Culture and cycling, shopping and castles, arts and crafts and picturesque villages. Southern Sweden really has it all!

Central Sweden

Get inspired by some sustainable tour samples from Central Sweden.