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Northern Sweden

Get inspired by some sample itineraries from Norrbotten, Swedish Lapland, Västerbotten, Jämtland Härjedalen, Ångermanland, Medelpad and Hälsingland.

Luxury of a Different Nature: Luleå & Kalix (Late winter/Early spring)

Photo : Fredrik Ludvigsson / Scandinav

During this Luxury of a different nature sample itinerary in Luleå & Kalix in Swedish Lapland, your clients will experience how Sweden is a destination with luxury of a different nature. Read the full itinerary here.

Luxury of a Different Nature: Arvidsjaur & Arjeplog (Late winter/Early spring)

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A visit to Swedish Lapland will open up a unique world, combining vast expanses of nature, authentic Sámi culture and culinary specialities. Depending on which season you come, you'll have completely different experiences – but all of them will be memorable. Join us on an sample itinerary during "the fifth season" of the Sámi. Read the full itinerary here.

Discover the originals: Swedish Lapland (Luleå & Kiruna)

Photo : Jennifer Wikström/Gammelstad Visitor Centre

Natural beauty and lots of space – that’s Kallax the flexible shelf, as well as Kallax the village. Kallax lies in Swedish Lapland, just outside the town of Luleå. Situated by the sea, this little spot is famous for its very smelly fermented herring (called ‘surströmming’ in Swedish). Every year in August, Kallax holds a fermented herring party where VIP-guests and locals celebrate together. So, take a deep breath, bring an open mind and discover the full taste of original Kallax. Read the full itinerary here.

Discover the Originals: Swedish Lapland (Luleå, Boden & Kalix)

Photo : Peter RosénSwedish Lapland

Bolmen, Järvfjället, Skärhamn, Kallax and Toftan. For years now the world has marvelled at and struggled to pronounce, IKEA product names. What most don't realise is that the global furniture giant often names their wares for real places in Sweden. Now Sweden wants to invite the world to visit these fantastic locations. Read the full itinerary here.

Spellbound by Sweden: Sundsvall & High Coast

Photo : Fredrik Lewander

Roof climbing in Sundsvall - Site visit at the world's northernmost gin distillery - Bake your own Swedish flatbread - Get spellbound by Skuleskogens National Park - Experience the Via Ferrata to the top of the World Heritage - Step back in time at Mannaminne outdoor museum - Explore High Coast Whisky Swedish Fika - ...and so much more! Read the full itinerary here.

Spellbound by Sweden: Jämtland Härjedalen

Photo : Anette Andersson/Destination Lofsdalen

Guided tour at Glösa Rock Carvings from the stone age - hike to either the waterfall Storfallet or towards the Västfjället mountain top depending on the weather - try Mountain Soda at restaurant Fjällhalsen is - visit the "wood enthusiasts" family Wikner´s in Persåsen - find your "Spellbound by Sweden" Hoverberget Nature Reserve - a relaxing Sauna and a dip in a mountain creek... and so much more! Read the full itinerary here.

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