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Museums and Attractions

What would a holiday in Sweden be without getting to know the country's culture? There are many new things to experience, especially in the area of museums. You can find some examples here.

New: World of Volvo – Opening April 2024 (Gothenburg)

The "World of Volvo", operated by Volvo Cars and the Volvo Group, will become a landmark and a meeting place with space for the new Volvo Museum, exciting exhibitions, concerts, and culinary experiences. The round, five-story building, inspired by the Scandinavian landscape, will be located right next to the Liseberg amusement park and will open in April 2024.,the%20same%20form%20as%20today

New: The Cell – life science in Hagastaden will open on April 18th, 2024 (Stockholm)

The Cell, located on the ground floor of Forskaren within the National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska Museet), is a collaborative venture between the museum and Karolinska Institutet. This dynamic space aims to offer exhibitions, laboratories, and engaging encounters with influential figures in the field of life science. Functioning as a resource center on weekdays for students and teachers, The Cell transforms into a multipurpose venue on weekends and evenings, fostering interesting discussions, creative arts, and music experiences, all with the overarching goal of inspiring interest, learning, and future careers in life science, especially among underrepresented groups in education.

New: Spirit Of__Not a museum (Stockholm)

"Spirit of___" is set to open in Stockholm in summer 2024 as a socially motivated and future-focused cultural space. It aims to provide meaningful entertainment through the latest in new media art, immersive experiences, physi-digital creations, sound and interactive designs, digital media, video and photo art, robotics, science, technology, and more. Beyond being a physical space, Spirit of___ will also be an online world with the goal of inspiring and catalyzing positive action for a better future. The initiative encourages the transformation of dreams into ideas and believes in the power of ideas to drive positive change. With a central message of "Dream more. Do more." symbolizing the commitment to fostering creativity and impactful actions.

Opening in summer 2024 in Stockholm.

Re-opening: ArkDes (Stockholm)

After a reconstruction, ArkDesk is preparing to welcome visitors back on June 14, 2024. The museum's amazing collection, a hidden cultural treasure of four million objects, will finally be open again. This is why the Gingerbread House Exhibition, can’t take place in 2023, but is gearing up for a grand return in 2024, with promises of being even better than ever!

Re-opening: the new Gustavianum estimates to open in summer 2024 (Uppsala)

After more than 4 years of renovating the Gustavianum - The University´s house of treasures – will reopen in summer 2024. Gustavianum, Uppsala University’s oldest preserved building, houses a diverse array of historical collections dating back to the university’s founding in 1477. The museums permeant exhibition showcases a fascinating assortment of artifacts including mummies, Viking helmets, ancient coins, and even Celsius´ very own thermometer. In the new Gustavianum, visitors encounter a world-class university museum that’s mission is to be a space for communication between the University and society at large.

Re-opening of the Swedish Railway Museum (Gävleborg)

The Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle is re-opening after a major renovation of the exhibitions and other facilitys during 2017-2024.The opening is planned to spring 2024.

Anniversary: Guitars – The museum celebrates 10 years (Umeå)

Let's step into guitar heaven, a locally-produced world attraction. Umeå brothers Åhdén have collected guitars in more than 50 years and today they possess one of the world's largest privately owned collections of guitars.

Anniversary: Väven Cultural centre celebrates 10 years (Umeå)

Umeå’s buzzing cultural centre and architectural landmark (with its abstract, birch-inspired aesthetic) houses two hotels, the city library, a cinema and several restaurants and cafés. The house hosts events and activities year-round, from concerts to vintage fashion markets. Upstairs, you’ll find the first Women’s History Museum (Kvinnohistoriskt Museum) in Sweden that inspires action and debate on different themes across “gender and power, identity and history”.

Anniversary: Norrlandsoperan celebrates 50 years (Umeå)

Norrlandsoperan is the world´s northernmost opera house and a centre for innovative opera and performing arts. The four stages in the house offer a range of concerts, opera, dance, theatre, contemporary art, workshops and festivals. Being one of the most modern opera houses in Europe, it arranges hundreds of different events a year.

Anniversary: The artwork listen celebrates 5 years (Umeå)

Umeå is the kind of city that chooses to place a work of art against sexual harassment right in the city centre. The reason lies in the city's history, the time now and a progressive look ahead. Listen by Camilla Akraka, a red-painted feline with powerful muscles, is a symbol of the citys work with gender equality and an obvious perspective in sustainable urban development.

New exhibition: Gotland Museum presenting exciting exhibition starting in June 2024

Gotlands Museum, located in Visby, Sweden, presents an exciting new exhibition starting June 1, 2024, at Fornsalen. The exhibition delves into the dramatic story of S/S Hansa, a ship torpedoed in 1944. The exhibition explores stories of the people, the ship, the security situation, and creates a dramatic narrative based on a new book about the events and their aftermath. Artifacts from S/S Hansa have been loaned for the first time to be displayed together in a comprehensive exhibition. Besides that, you can explore Visby's UNESCO World Heritage city with guided tours and discover captivating exhibits, including Viking artifacts and family-friendly activities, at Fornsalen in Gotlands Museum.

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