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Luxury of a different nature - Gothenburg


If you have customers based in the UK and you are interested in participating in this FAM trip or if you have any questions please contact Gabriel Dorch, Senior Travel Trade Manager. Apply as soon as possible as availability is limited.

Region: Gothenburg

In Sweden, luminous summer days and serene winters weave our story. We think differently. Our progressive approach and our relationship with and care for nature have shaped our identity. And yes, for us fika is both a sixth sense and a seventh heaven. We are uniquely Swedish.

Sweden bursts a canvas of contrasts. From our boundless landscapes to the pulse of our cities, from our time-honored traditions to our forward-thinking innovations, our country is a place where every visitor becomes a part of our ever-evolving story.

Experience our luxury of a different nature. Where Swedish gold, our sandbanks, our rooftops, our northern lights, our silence and our contemporary fashion all are part of our luxury of a different nature.

During this Luxury of a different nature FAM trip to Gothenburg, you will experience how Sweden is a destination with luxury of a different nature.

This Luxury of a different nature FAM trip is offered for a total of max 5 travel professionals, from companies with a target group in the UK market.

Some highlights of the itinerary are:

  • Relax on the rooftop of the iconic Clarion Hotel Draken
  • Discover new hotels, cafés and restaurants
  • Check out the World of Volvo
  • Get a sneak peak of Nothern Europe tallest building
  • Enjoy a private seafood safari
  • Stay on an island in the northern archipelago
  • Swedish Fika
  • ...and so much more!

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