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Discover the Originals FAM Trip 2022 - Småland & Öland

Småland & Öland

FAM trip: Discover the originals – the hidden Swedish gems behind those weird IKEA product names.

If you are interested in participating in this FAM trip, please apply here. Please apply as soon as possible as availability is limited.

If you have any questions please contact Gabriel Dorch, Travel Trade Manager UK

Welcome to Småland & Öland - home to the originals Bolmen, Målerås, Mörbylånga....

.. and last but not least - IKEA, itself. Ingvar Kamprad opened his first store in Älmhult in Småland 1958. Many of the products still have names with Småland origins to this day. Of course, these are not only funny names - they are also names of beauiful places all around our region.

During this trip to Småland, you will discover that Bolmen is not only a toliet brush but also a beautiful lake, Målerås is not only a picture ledge but also a village in The Kingdom of Chrystal, Mörbylånga is not only an oak table but also a village in the World Heritage on southern Öland. Experience the early autumn in Småland and Öland with a touch of nature and cultural activities.

Other things in the itinerary are:

  • A visit to the IKEA museum
  • The Land of Legends
  • A manor house with history from the middle ages
  • Traditional Swedish crayfish feast
  • .... and so much more.

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