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Discover the Originals FAM trip 2022 - Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland

FAM trip: Discover the originals – the hidden Swedish gems behind those weird IKEA product names

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Welcome to Swedish Lapland - home to the original Kallax.

Natural beauty and lots of space – that’s Kallax the flexible shelf, as well as Kallax the village. Kallax lies in Swedish Lapland, just outside the town of Luleå. Situated by the sea, this little spot is famous for its very smelly fermented herring (called ‘surströmming’ in Swedish). Every year in August, Kallax holds a fermented herring party where VIP-guests and locals celebrate together. So, take a deep breath, bring an open mind and discover the full taste of original Kallax.

During this Discover the originals FAM trip to Swedish Lapland, you will discover that Kallax is more than an IKEA shelf and that Sörbyn is more than an IKEA knob. Swedish Lapland is an international destination for visitors from all over the world and one of only seven places in the world where you can experience the Arctic. Swedish Lapland offers places to visit that you can’t find anywhere else in Sweden, Europe or the world.

This region is home to world sensations such as the ICEHOTEL and Treehotel, but also genuine, authentic and small-scale tourism with focus on people and encounters, like the destination you will visit now.

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