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"The edible country" started out with a collaboration between Visit Sweden and four Michelin starred chefs as a culinary DIY at its most inspired. The Edible Country is al fresco dining with a difference and now available as packages for the Travel Trade.

Combining colourful foraged ingredients with breath taking natural scenery to create unforgettable outdoor cooking experiences, Edible Country is al fresco dining with a difference. And it’s something your clients can enjoy at a number of travel-trade friendly locations throughout Sweden, from the arctic landscapes of Swedish Lapland in the north to the beaches and archipelago of the south and everything in between.

A collaboration between Visit Sweden and four Michelin starred chefs, the Edible Country is culinary DIY at its most inspired. Menus and experiences can differ a little from table to table, but the essence of the experience is to teach your clients how to source fresh, healthy nutritious and delicious food from their local surroundings, preparing specially created dishes, perhaps with dense natural forests, glistening waters or rolling hills as a backdrop.

12 Edible Country tables are placed all over Sweden with approximately 12 spots at each table, making this a perfect experience for small groups and FITs. Approximately 10 tables are able to work with the travel trade. Tables to choose from include for example a table within a beautiful stream-side glade in Dalarna and tables in storybook forest landscapes in the southern province Småland and Skåne.

Each Edible Country table experience bookable via the travel trade lasts 3-4 hours and includes a guide or chef. At a number of our tables there is also an opportunity to stay the night in accommodation owned by the same supplier or nearby.

Most experiences are available between May – September. Up north, even winter experiences can be possible.

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