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Culinary experiences & Restaurants

Sweden's gastronomy scene is in a constant state of creative change. Here are some examples of new restaurants and culinary offerings.

2024's hottest food news from Gothenburg

More than 20 new restaurants, bars an cafés will be opening in Gothenburg this spring. The iconic Feskekörka is finally ready and Gamlestaden is gearing up as foodie destination. Here is a selection of this year's newcomers and the tastiest upcoming culinary events

2024's hottest food news from Gothenburg

Opening: “Lu” – Spring 2024 (Stockholm)

Kim Trinh and Luong Lu, mother and son behind the popular Malmö restaurant that received Nöjesguidens Malmöpris for best restaurant in January 2020, are expanding their venture to Södermalm in Stockholm with the opening of Lu on Nytorget in spring 2024. At Lu, the atmosphere is reminiscent of a Chinese family gathering, offering street food from Hong Kong. The menu features spicy dishes with Cantonese flavors, including mapo tofu, grilled duck, and crispy pork belly.

Opening: “Savoj” – 2nd Restaurant in January 2024 (Stockholm)

Savoj, a well-loved restaurant run by brothers Jonathan and Andreas Azizsson, is expanding its presence to the neighborhood in Södermalm. The new Restaurant will feature the same concept, offering Neapolitan pizza, small dishes, and a selection of natural wines. The restaurant will not only provide dinner and drinks but also extend its services to include lunch.

Opening: “MESS” – early 2024 (Stockholm)

Soon, Stockholm's culinary scene will experience new and vibrant influences. In 2024, MESS is set to open at Mäster Samuelsgatan 19 in Stockholm. This new restaurant concept is entirely novel for Sweden, perhaps even for the world. Spearheaded by property developer Jimmie Hall, Mess aims to revolutionize the dining experience by featuring multiple restaurants under one roof, each with its own unique interior and offerings. The project involves collaboration with some of Sweden's top architects and restaurateurs to create a dynamic meeting place where patrons can gather, dine, be entertained, and experience diverse influences. Despite not disclosing specific details about the culinary content or participating restaurateurs, Mess promises a unique range within a 50-meter span, spanning from fast to slow, affordable to exclusive, and after-work to fine dining. "It's going to be messy," says property developer Jimmie Hall.

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