The Nordics US Roadshow

Are you a Travel and Trade professional from New York, Seattle or Los Angeles looking to connect with Nordic tourism suppliers?

Event information

When: Monday, 24 October, Wednesday, 26 October and Thursday, 27 October

Where: New York, Seattle & Los Angeles

The Nordics is a cooperation between the tourist boards of Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden that aims to both highlight and encourage sustainable tourism to the region. Midnight sun, Northern Lights, beaches, lakes, forests, island-hopping, creative dining, fjords, snow adventures, liveable cities, inspiring arts and design, and rich history – this is merely a taste of what your travelers can expect to experience in The Nordics.

Join The Nordics for an event in New York, Seattle, or Los Angeles for the opportunity to meet Nordic suppliers and learn the latest developments and product offerings across the region.

New York: Monday, 24 October

Seattle: Wednesday, 26 October

Los Angeles: Thursday, 27 October


Event location

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