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Leisure & Attractions

Looking for new ideas for leisure activities? We've put together a few examples of what's new in 2024.

Re-opening: public sauna at the Jubileumsparken in spring 2024 (Gothenburg)

The public and free sauna in Jubileumsparken will reopen in spring 2024. The architecturally exceptional sauna, originally a prototype, will be replaced by a permanent sauna, but will retain its unique appearance. It is also possible to swim all year round in the recently opened two saltwater pools in the river next to the sauna. During the warmer seasons, you can also swim in a freshwater pool.

Inauguration of Stockholm Archipelago Trail opening November 2024 (Stockholm)

A new 270 km long Stockholm Archipelago Trail will approximately open in November 2024. It will be accessible from public ferries, spanning 19 islands and featuring a digital platform for navigation and service information. This transformative project aims to showcase cultural and natural diversity while promoting responsible tourism, encouraging visitors to tread lightly and leave lasting memories.

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