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No matter what time of year and in which region of Sweden you are travelling, there are always a number of new and recurring events that offer a good opportunity to learn something, celebrate and socialise with other people. Here are some examples for 2024.

Returning Event: Jokkmokk Market

The Jokkmokk Winter Market, with a history spanning over 400 years, has transformed into the largest winter festival in Northern Europe. Taking place in early February in the Arctic Circle town of Jokkmokk, the event draws around 40,000 visitors who engage in activities ranging from traditional Joik singing to tasting unique Sámi products like reindeer heart and coffee cheese. The market celebrates Sámi culture, offering a showcase of craftsmanship known as "Duodji," featuring items such as wooden kitchen utensils and jewelry crafted from silver and reindeer leather. A traditional reindeer race is held as part of the historic Jokkmokk Market.This year, the Jokkmokk market will take place between 1st and 3rd February 2023.

New: Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) World Congress from April 23-25, 2024 (Stockholm)

The GSTC stands for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and will take place in Stockholm from April 23 to 25th 2024. It is a non-profit organization that provides a framework and guidelines for promoting sustainable tourism practices worldwide. The GSTC has developed a set of criteria and performance indicators for sustainable tourism, known as the GSTC Criteria, which cover areas such as environmental sustainability, social and cultural responsibility, community engagement, and economic benefits for local communities.

New: 7-11 May Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö 7-11 May & 50th Anniversary of ABBA's Eurovision Song Contest Victory

The big finale of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will be at Malmö Arena on Saturday, May 11, 2024, with Semi-Finals on Tuesday, May 7, and Thursday, May 9. Sweden is hosting it for the seventh time. What makes it extra special is that in 2024, it marks the 50th anniversary of ABBA's epic win in Brighton, where they impressed everyone with "Waterloo" on April 6, 1974.

Anniversary: Hasslöfestivalen celebrates 25 years 11-13 July in Karlskrona (Blekinge)

Established in the summer of 2000, the Hasslö Festival has become a distinctive annual event situated in the heart of Karlskrona's archipelago, drawing large crowds from Sweden and Europe. Embracing all generations, the festival offers a unique experience set against an equally unique backdrop. Initially rooted in classic prog and rock music, the festival has transformed over the years, achieving a harmonious blend of contemporary and legendary music, with acclaimed artists acknowledging the festival's reputation for hosting the "world's best audience."

Returning event: Sweden Rock Festival - 5-8 Juni 2024, Sölvesborg (Blekinge)

The Sweden Rock Festival takes place from June 5th to June 8th, 2024, in Sölvesborg, Blekinge. The festival will offer a diverse musical experience, featuring classic rock, hard rock, metal, and even some blues, offering a wide range of musical tastes. Attendees come from around 60 countries, creating a truly international community. Overall, the Sweden Rock Festival is celebrated for having one of the best audiences globally, providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Sweden Rock Festival 5 - 8 June, 2024

Returning event: Way Out of West, Music festival August 8-10 (Gothenburg)

Way Out West, the annual music festival in Gothenburg, will return to Slottsskogen from August 8 to 10, 2024. Since its inception in 2007, Way Out West in Gothenburg has featured a stellar lineup of artists, including Prince, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Florence + The Machine, and many more.

Returning Event: Open Art – Cultural Event (Örebrö)

Open Art is an exhibition that takes place in the city centre of Örebro in Sweden every second summer. Contemporary artworks are displayed outdoors and available for public interaction day and night during the exhibition period. For each edition the festival presents a large number of artists working in a wide variety of art mediums and techniques. The majority of the artworks are sculpture and installations but Open Art welcome artists working in all disciplines, interested in the intersection between art and the public. The next edition of Open Art will be the 9th, and will take place in June 15-September 8, 2024

Returning event: Karlskrona Archipelago Festival - 30/7 - 4/8 2024 (Blekinge)

Karlskrona Archipelago Festival is a celebration where the unique history of the World Heritage Site meets the pulse and street life of the modern city. Where vibrant parks and squares offer music and celebrations, but where quiet gems and interesting history also give the visitor unforgettable memories. The Archipelago Festival wants to be a modern festival with respect for both naval history, world heritage and the environment. Something you visit and enjoy or are a part of.

Karlskrona Archipelago Festival 2024 | Visit Karlskrona

Returning event + anniversary: Brännbollsyran celebrates 50 years (Umeå)

Every year since the early 1970’s the festival Brännbollsyran takes place in Umeå and the city hosts the Official World Cup of “Brännboll” – a sport resembling baseball – and thousands of people participate in the three-day long tournament. The accompanying sold-out music festival boasts names like rapper Macklemore (US) and DJ Tiësto (NL) and is one of Sweden’s biggest musical events.

Anniversary: Leksand Sommarland celebrate 40 years, summer 2024 (Dalarna)

The adventure park Leksand Sommarland celebrates 40 years by throwing an all-summer anniversary party featuring special events, activities and deals in addition to the 46 attractions awaiting behind the gates. This 270.000 square meter park includes a water park and amusement park rides – as well as a range of action and adventure activities for all ages. Along with Leksand Resort, the neighboring five-star campsite, Leksand Sommarland remains a favorite family fun destination in the very heart of Sweden, beautiful Dalarna.

Returning event: The Land of Legends Storytelling Festival - (Småland)

13 – 16 June 2024

It is today the oldest recurring festival in the Nordics. Over four days, the weekend before Midsummer, The land of legends is filled with unique storytelling and music programs in both Swedish and English, workshops, and a family festival with tailor-made content for all ages, starting from 0 years.

The festival consists of about seventy programs and as many artists who entertain, touch, and surprise at various places in the region like an ancient homestead, beside a fire in the beech forest, at the enchanted Storytelling Museum, at a legendary Mythical Site, or in a historical venue right in the heart of Ljungby.

The festival has been named the coziest of them all, in the magical storytelling realm of Småland. Since its inception in 1990, the festival has steadily evolved to become one of the most important meeting places for storytelling enthusiasts from around the world. UNESCO's recognition of the work with oral storytelling also contributes to the lectures and discussions during the festival and is a basis for the many collaborations and networks both locally and internationally.

Anniversary: DreamHack in Stockholm – Celebrating 30th Anniversary (Stockholm)

The world's largest gaming and culture festival, DreamHack, will take place in Stockholm in November 2024, marking its largest-ever event. Hosted at Stockholmsmässan in collaboration with Elgiganten, the festival is set to showcase Stockholm's status as a gaming hub and is expected to be a highlight in gaming culture. DreamHack, celebrating its 30th anniversary, has grown from a LAN festival to a global sensation, with Jönköping hosting its major events for the past 22 years. DreamHack Summer 2024 is scheduled for June 14-16 in Jönköping, followed by DreamHack Stockholm in Stockholm from November 22-24.

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